Sabrina has created a physical/mental/emotional space in that luminous realm between enCouragement and flight. Enter and you will write your way into the dark wood. Stay and she will show you the flowers that mark the way back.

Michelle Castleberry is the author of Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems.   



Sabrina Orah Mark's workshops have been (and will continue to be) ports in my storms. Not only has Sabrina opened doors for me, but she has also guided me through these doors and, on occasion, helped me rip them from their hinges! She leads me toward breaking new ground, both as a writer and as a human being-constantly-and, oh, if she were only here right now, sitting across from me as I write this! She would teach me how to better express-more earnestly, more honestly-my gratitude! The world feels so satisfyingly more and less like a mystery because of Sabrina Orah Mark.  

Will Walton is the author of two novels for young adults: the LAMBDA Literary Award-finalist, Anything Could Happen (2015) and I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain (2018).


Take it so you don't die wondering why you never got so close to your own magic.

- Hope Hilton is an an artist, writer, and educator and the author of Walks.


Sabrina Orah Mark runs a workshop for writers that could better be called a miracle-shop. Strange things happen there. Think water into wine, except the water is your subconscious and the wine is the pages you wake up and write each morning. When you work in Sabrina’s miracle-shop, you follow Baudelaire’s advice and get drunk “with wine, with poetry, or with virtue,” only it turns out all three are the same thing. Until one day, your water turns into Internet or paper and you start asking what is water, anyway? and people become interested in what you have to say about that too. You might become confused, and I wouldn’t blame you. But the truth is, miracles, like successful writing workshops, are easily explained. They are astonishing feats performed by saints or other divinities. You see where this is going. Do your soul a favor, or your work, or your subconscious—wherever it is your writing lives—and take this workshop.

- Daniel LoPilato is a fiction writer from Atlanta. His stories and essays have appeared in The Indiana ReviewAmerican Short FictionThe Southeast Review, and The Tusk. He is currently pursuing an MFA in the Creative Writing Program at Florida State University.